PPE 25 anos - novembro de 2004
Research areas

In addition to acting in the scientific field, the PPE, since the beginning of its activities, has maintained a close relationship with the main Brazilian companies belonging to the energy sector, such as PETROBRAS, ELETROBRAS and its concessionaires, COPERSUCAR and its research and technological development centers (CENPES, CEPEL and CTC, respectively). This university-company relationship has been achieved through numerous studies and projects, thus contributing to the adoption of modern techniques of energy planning in the country.

In its research, the PPE has stood out in issues related to significant recent problems, both nationally and internationally, such as:

  • Development of models for energy planning.
  • Studies of institutional reforms in the energy sector.
  • Regulation of energy markets.
  • Rational use of electricity and petroleum products.
  • Development and application of environmental impact assessment methodologies.
  • Energy and environmental indicators.
  • Development and application of environmental cost evaluation methodologies.
  • Environmental management, auditing and quality.
  • Inventory of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Study of methane and carbon dioxide emissions by hydroelectric plants.
  • Assessment of the costs of reducing greenhouse gases.
  • Alternative sources.
  • Land and biomass use.
  • Industrial ecology.