Ivig is a multidisciplinary institute that develops studies and projects in several areas of knowledge, with an emphasis on sustainability. Created in 1999 by Faperj and the State Department of Science and Technology of Rio de Janeiro, it operates in a network with Coppe programs, UFRJ units and other research institutions, both in Brazil and abroad.

It has about 100 researchers in the areas of energy, biofuels, transportation, infrastructure, natural resources management, risk analysis and management and others. Among the researches and projects developed, the focus is on production and efficient use of energy, whose objective is to reduce possible environmental impacts and risks of technology misuse.

It operates in projects of national scope, in all the biomes, and in the integration between technologies and needs of socioeconomic development of the country. It also develops international research on topics such as climate change and management of transboundary water resources in basins such as the Amazon River and the River Plate.

It interacts with universities, government, companies and institutions and counts on the collaboration of external researchers, according to the demand for projects and research.